1. I bet Sonny is glad he skied into a tree

  2. LolleyGagger

    Hell, if she/he (actually born a she) is going to pack on the pounds what was the point of a sex change i.e.cutting off the tits and forming a small penis out of a enlarged clit?!?
    That body is going to end up with titties and a fat vagina anyway., any penis would be sucked into the fat to the point it would be useless..

  3. Carl

    I don’t get all the BS with people calling “chaz” a HE. Chastity is still a WOMAN and always will be. Let me make it simple. If, thousands of years from now, they find “chaz’s” grave during an excavation, and they tested whether it was a woman or a man’s body, they would find it was a woman’s. No amount of slice and dice will change that double X Chromosome.

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