1. “Oompa loompa dida ditoo…….Charlie can go fuck himself!”

  2. Big_Mike

    You think Charlie would be able to “purchase” a halfway decent-lookin hooker to live with him. God damn that bitch is split….FUGLY!!!

  3. eggs=scrambled chicks

    No animal lover in america is NOT vegan…anyone who says they love animals is a bullsh*tter.
    Dairy/eggs means sliting baby cow’s throats (not instant) or throwing male (unwanted) chicks in a bin or blender/grinder (not instant. some are maimed and still tweeting). Plus all the caging and diseases
    She’s not a typical bimbo then

  4. hank

    I’ve watched Bree perform in the past on DVD. Looks like she’s lost a BUNCH of weight, her chest is a lot smaller, and no way would she have gotten that big bottom of hers into those shorts. Of course doing coke 24 hours a day does tend to hamper the appetite. Ever notice female porn stars always seem to have a shit complexion? No matter how much makeup is applied, in close ups you always see the red spots and blackheads underneath.

  5. saaddfaccee

    Sad shes a pornstar, lol, what a messed up life.

  6. Jackie

    Is semen vegan?

  7. Will

    Looks rough!! I think she is a pretty girl, but it looks like all the partying and sex is catching up with her.. Being vegan is a great move for health reasons, but it is a bit humorous considering all the men she’s swallowed..

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