1. Sharkbait

    Look legit.

  2. J

    He’s not even fucking drinking it….what a fucking douche.

  3. bronsoIX

    OK, this was fun for a while, but now that he’s in on the joke: it’s over.
    cf. William Shatner, Adam West, Carrot Top, Donald Trump

  4. gooch goo

    I’ve decided to head up a fundraiser to hire an ex-KGB sniper to take his ass OUT already. Anyone care to be charter donors?? A gift of $100 or more gets you one stab with that very machete once he’s writhing on the ground after being shot!

  5. IKE

    Unlike the many whores he’s been with, he didn’t swallow.

  6. guy-d

    Its not even Charlie

  7. rick

    His thumb is over the top on bottle. he isn’t even drinkig. Media is eating it up.

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