1. J

    What’s that saying?….”Shoot first, ask questions later”…That should have been applied in this situation. Law Enforcement you have failed us.

  2. Elle

    Heath Ledger Dies of accidental overdose…Charlie Sheen lives intentionally overdosing every day. Theres a funny message in there somewhere..

  3. Ron Mexico

    JUMP!!! JUMP!!!! JUMP!!!!!! You wont.

  4. Who’s the dude in front of him and why is he smiling so much? If I had a coked-out crazy man wielding a machete above my head, I wouldn’t be smiling about it.

  5. Panda Thunder


  6. Double D

    Gotta admit, he looks like a freedom fighter.
    An 80 year old freedom fighter.

  7. H6E6X6

    You’d need a machete to cut up your lines if you snorted that much coke too.

  8. Double D

    I have this fear that in a coke-fueled walking hallucination, he’s going to mistake that machete for his penis. That doesn’t bode well for Bree Olson’s ass.

  9. Amominous

    He does realize that a “warlock” has almost nothing to do with war, right? Unless you’re talking about Merlin and, well, no one mentions Merlin. Cuz that’s just crazy talk.

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