1. muffin

    she has no titts at all….
    she looks like a skinny dude…

  2. Cock Dr

    Somebody soon will post a detailed critique of her “body of work” in the adult entertainment industry.
    She is probably someone who specializes in gangbangs & taking it in every hole. A regular girl next door type for Charlie.

  3. j

    She’s beautiful..

  4. DM

    she probably does pretend kiddie porn

  5. Pete

    Every one of Charlie Sheen’s parties is like an assault on Everest led by Andy Dick only base camp is Starbucks on Beverly Blvd.

  6. Ya Think?

    All you people talking about her naturals, well, seems she got implants a few weeks back.

    • Cock Dr

      Charlie probably paid for them, & this bender was their debut party.

    • DM

      Without even an ounce of breast tissue to go over them i bet they look sooo good…… No matter what size implants this chick would get they would look like bolt ons.

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