1. The Most Interesting

    C-List Thinking: Tweet nude picture to my own account.

    Hide my face.

  2. She looks just as good as she did in her Playboy shoot. Her body is still amazing, especially for a 44 year old.

    • JC

      Agreed. I’ve watched some pretty crap shows (“Angel” and random made-for-TV movies) just to bask in her hotness.

      • Did you just refer to “Angel” as a crap show? You are dead to me!

      • I gotta go with Don on this one. Angel was a good show.

      • “Angel” was great – probably the best thing she did throughout all of her career… except for the naked pics, of course.

      • “Angel” is my favourite TV show of all time. Seeing the characters from “Buffy” grow into their own was amazing. Especially Wesley. Given how he started on Buffy and ended on Angel, he’s the most impressive character in the Buffyverse in terms of growth imo.

        Cordelia is another great example. She grew so much on Angel. Light and day difference to who she was on Buffy.

        I cried like a bitch when Fred died. Everybody loves Fred. Kind-hearted, smart and crazy. Not a bad word to say about her. She and Wesley finally got together only to have that happen to her. It was fucking sad.

        I’m nerding out here.

      • dirt dog

        Fred died? WTF! Spoiler!

      • malaka

        who the fuck are all these characters that are not smg, willow,
        eliza dushku, whatserface, charisma carpenters and
        michelle trachtenberger??
        holy shit!! this chick did playboy?!?!

      • malaka

        lol anthony stewart head.

      • Spoiler? The show went off the air ten years ago.

        Do we need to break the bad news to you about Mr. Hooper from Sesame Street?

  3. right here. >


  4. I believe it’s your move, Bethenny Frankel.

  5. Is that a cup of coffee tattoo she’s sporting? Double mocha venti latte?

  6. anoymous

    Very nice. She’s always kept everything tight.

  7. cc

    The tat sucks, but the rest is pretty fuckin’ awesome.

  8. I love it when celebs get into middle age and the insecurity sets in. Then the clothes come off. Unless it’s Meg Ryan. Or Cameron Diaz. Keep that shit to yourselves.

  9. anonym

    puts 20 year olds to shame

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