1. kimmykimkim

    Oh no. I thought the back was the worst part. Oh how wrong I was.

    • Cock Dr

      Nope, it’s terrible all over.
      Too bad Big Bird wasn’t there….Big Bird would have tried to climb on top of that skirt and make some eggs.

  2. wtf

    Pretty girl, terrible dress.

  3. Frank Burns

    Hey Beyonce, next time buy your dress on Rodeo Drive instead of Sesame Street!

  4. Jonas Grumby

    Its the very latest in faked pregnancy haute couture.

  5. eggs

    This dress was made for a much slimmer woman.

  6. Everything is wrong… Spanx showing underneath, the feathers dangling, the color, the embellishments, the hands holding the hips so they look narrower but they don’t…Everything.

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