1. Nobody's Second Cousin

    Her hair and the bottom of her skirt are identical.

  2. kimmykimkim

    Scarlett, is it really that much trouble to do your hair? Really?

  3. Might as well stay with the theme; Her hair looks like shit!

  4. cc

    She brushed her pubic hair instead…don’t know why.

  5. dooood

    women are nuts.
    when a chick’s hair is all messed up, it’s often a sign that she just
    got laid and is therefore more attractive. at least for me personally.

    we also don’t give a fuck about nail polish, shoes and pretty much fashion in general.

    we do care about how women smell wonderful.

    constant bitching and whining is a double edged sword

  6. bikini_inspector

    Psh, I dunno about you lot but I’d totally tap that. The unkempt hair just hints that she’s wild in the sack.

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