1. JC

    Credit where credit’s due for the creators of madmen. Someone said, “What actress do you think could portray Betty Draper?” Then someone else said, “Eh, who cares? Let’s just hire January Jones. She IS Betty Draper.”

  2. Crissy

    And. it. smiles.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m sensing a rock hard piece of ice in my pants.

  4. cc

    No baby = broad smile.

  5. skunk

    jiggaboo jones

  6. Dannuuuu

    Guess who found another guy to make a hate baby with?

  7. Eh… go back to not smiling. It may not be hot, but at least it looks more natural.

  8. moopy

    she looks really, quite good

  9. jelly

    Must have necklace.

  10. milan8888

    Bumblebee Cosplay???

  11. MySpoonIsTooBig


  12. Drundel

    Motor boat!

  13. What the hell? She actually looks pretty good here.

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