1. She’s normally really pretty. This is a shit look for her.

  2. Cock Dr

    Everything below the neck is fantastic.

  3. Nina

    Damn. She looks mad old.

  4. Luvme


  5. Clam jam

    As a woman with super fair skin I’m just going to come out and say it: Ladies with pale skin, stop wearing brown lipstick. It looks terrible. She looks like she just ate a shit sandwich. This look would be so pretty if she just chose a color that complimented her skin

  6. maeby

    Wow she looks waaaay older now. No more baby face. I think she looks good.

  7. Potato Head

    Not a lot of people could pull off plum lips- but it works with the 1920′s style she’s going for. Camilla seriously could do no wrong in my eyes.

  8. Polo

    God, she’s beautiful. Shit stained lips and all.

  9. That black lipstick isn’t working at all. Otherwise, perfection.

  10. “Beeg trouble forr Moose and Squirrrel!”

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