1. Ay Dios mio

    Just keep looking ahead and her ass will cross my sight with no one the wiser – shit! On-set boner! I’ll never get work in this town again.. But what the – who pulled my scarf strategically low foreseeing my eventual predicament?! Wait a second – that tap on my shoulder as I walked to set after lunch break – no one behind – creepy gust of wind – hurried on faster – Ah..! *smiles* We breathe easier for your vigilant prescence .. and your method acting.. Christian Bale – I mean Batman! Batman! I’m sorry! Yes I got the memo saying we were to refer to you only as Batman – No, I understand you’re an artist – no I didn’t mean to walk between your light – look here now – I don’t want to use this but – Yes thats right – I have a camera phone here – do you want to be on YouTube again? .. Thats what i thought – Good boy. Now gently put that batgun down.. Get off the batmobile.. Good. Hmm.. Now slowly turn around and undo that bat-belt of yours.. Nice.. Dont look..Now make me a bat-dragon! Damn it! *shuffling and belt rustling* I SAID DON’T LOOK, DIDNT I ?!

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