1. a short haired girl

    looks a bit like a re-worked batman mask.

  2. Ay Dios mio

    For a quiet moment away from the maddening set Ann strikes a delicate pose as she contemplates the harrowing struggle of womanhood and all that her gender has achieved over generations of sacrifice to mark their worh in a male dominated world, and wonders if in her own small way, through her symbolic silver-screen portrayal of feminine strength she is contributing to that great cause.
    “This one’s for you grandma” she whispers at the skies, as she thrusts out her chest, sways her hips, checks her camel-toe and smoothens her vinyl costume, while practicing her meows for her next fight sequence.

  3. Brooke

    I have no problems with Hathaway, but I don’t think any Catwoman will ever be as good as Michelle Pfeiffer’s in the second Tim Burton Batman movie. And that goes for the costume she wore, too. Unless Hathaway puts a bird in her mouth, I’m not sure she can pull off Catwoman’s edgier qualities.

    But oh, how this so beats the Halle Berry version…

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