1. caley

    “Yes, the vagina, or as I like to call it “The Death Trap”. V-A-G-I-N-A. It’s right in that area or so I’m told.”

  2. sparky

    Michael: “Her she-devil did this to me”
    Background Lady: “Huh, I knew it”
    Catherine: “Bitch, what’d you say? Don’t make me come over there”

  3. Fishballs

    “H.P.V. as in ‘Her Pussy’s Vicious’. Amiright Guys?”

  4. Little Tongue

    I totally believe him when he says that’s how he got it. I mean, I caught throat cancer by licking my own self. I’m real flexible.

  5. srsly. its the notorious cancer vag of hollywood.
    i know- who woulda guessed.
    crazy right?
    what- divorce?

  6. Evie

    She is from Whales. Not NYC. Bur who cares! She is a snatch face.

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