1. This was quite an unexpected award, because everyone knows that William R. Hopkins was a butt man.

  2. turdmonger

    Why does it look like her tit is trying to escape?

  3. Dutch

    It’s like her boob is seeping out of her chest and collecting in her bra.

  4. freebie

    If she’s going to wear a neckline like that, she should at least wear a push up bra. Yes, her breasts look very natural, but also very old and saggy.

    • kay

      That is the way a natural breast looks! You apparently have lost sight of what natural looks like – since all we are shown from celebs are the plastic ones! Grow up!

  5. she is so classy

    Being bipolar isnt a joke, you people don’t realize how hard it is to live with this disease.please show some compassion .

  6. kay

    Way to go – a celeb with natural breasts – finally!

  7. Juan

    When I saw this page, I thought about two thngis. First was, I wonder if Yuen’s confused by Meela asking why he looks like her, or if he already knows that he appears to her in that way , and the second thought was that Yuen looks cuter and more innocent as Meela to me. But probably only because he looks so much like Feral there, I keep thinking of the bigger Feral instead of a kid. ^_^ Hmm (considers re-reading comic, keeping this in mind)

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