1. wtf

    This is why I’m pro abortion.

  2. Katie

    “Is the Mormon wench look still in or should I get my hair done?”

  3. NotFeelingIt

    Wow, the justice system really failed again. I sure hope new evidence arises and retries her. Obviously guilty of child murder.

    • TomFrank

      Wow, the education system really failed again. I sure hope new schooling arises and reteaches you about the American criminal justice system and the concept of double jeopardy. Obviously guilty of ignorance.

      • This comes from so many OBVIOUS double-jeopardy cases we’ve seen lately, fail in criminal court, refile “civil rights” charges in federal court.

        If only Caylee had been black, then Casey could be prosecuted properly, multiple times.

      • chupalapinga

        if she were a man of any color or black, hispanic, (insert minority of choice here) the bitch would be on death row.

  4. justuhbill

    She’s got killer boobs. And killer legs. And a killer butt. And a killer face. And killer arms. And killer hands. And a killer torso. Because she’s a killer.

  5. Fandy

    they say she wants to study law…..well the offices of Kellum,Barium and Walk will hire her

  6. hello

    Ralph Lauren Polo Sport. Wonder if they sold out already…

  7. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!! no no no!
    This wrong.
    wtf stop talking about how nice this She-dEVILS screwed up body
    she killed her child (R.I.P CAYLEE)
    I DONT CARE I SHE WAS PROVEN “INNOCENT” innocent my notebook,she isnt innocent.shes far from it.
    ughhh casey ur gonna get it one day u polo wearing phyco!

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