1. Annie

    This is the face of a bitch who’s bored in court, cuz she can’t wait to get out and PART-TAY WOO!!! I mean, thats why she killed her little baby, isn’t it?

  2. CharmlessMan

    “Bitch, I will murder you!”

  3. holymoly

    wow, that is not the face of a psychotic child murderer. that is the face of a psychotic child murderer, future black widow. yay florida!

  4. Lucifer

    What’s with Olivia Wilde’s face?

    But seriously, I hope this chick “drowns in the family pool”.

  5. go to hell b!*ch
    who kills there own child and gets away with it and then go to a club to celebrate,party all night,get a tattoo and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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