1. SourGrapes

    Sorry, but the simple fact is that the prosecution didn’t prove its case. Admittedly, it seems likely that she did it and I don’t think many of us would be entering hot body contests and getting “Beautiful Life” tats if our kids were missing and we gave a damn but the legal standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt”. No fingerprints, no DNA, no witnesses, so she walks.

  2. Stucco

    And here she is, preparing to head off to the golf course to find the real killers.

  3. yoyoblack

    waiting an entire month to report your child missing while partying the whole time isn’t enough evidence to show she’s guilty of something?? and making up a babysitter? she still better get locked up somewhere, ‘cos you know someone’s going to try to pull a caylee anthony on her.

    • mafme

      “waiting an entire month to report your child missing while partying the whole time isn’t enough evidence to show she’s guilty of something?”

      No, it isn’t– not in a court of law. The defense had a theory that *also* explained all of the evidence. Do I think she did it? Yeah, most likely. I wouldn’t sentence anyone to death because the way that they (supposedly) deal with grief makes no sense to me.

      Also, the defense didn’t claim that she was murdered by someone else– the claim was that she wasn’t murdered at all. They didn’t say that Casey didn’t know about Caylee’s death or didn’t hide the body, they had an elaborate-though-plausible explanation for it that the jury couldn’t disregard. They had two theories in front of them– accepting one would mean that you could end up putting someone to death when another theory explains the same evidence… I’d rather that a jury err on the side of not sending someone to prison when the evidence is so circumstantial. They oculdn’t even prove or demonstrate that caylee was murdered.

      • yoyoblack

        no, but still. who the hell does that? if my 8 year old didn’t come home by dark, i would first search around neighborhood, then call police. how can someone wait an entire month? and say she was kidnapped by a babysitter that doesn’t even exist? i understand there has to to be like, hard evidence to link her directly to it, but it’s just not fair. not fair that she’ll probably just get time served for the 4 counts of false information, and she smiles and laughs when everyone’s leaving the court room, but that beautiful little girl will never get to smile again, and hasn’t been for the past 3 years. and no one will ever step forward and admit that they did it. it’s all over now.

      • sooooooosuperficial

        “They oculdn’t even prove or demonstrate that caylee was murdered.”

        You know, you’re right. The kid probably put duct tape over her own face, sniffed chloroform, crawled into 2 trash bags, grabbed the keys to the car and locked herself in the trunk for a few days before hopping out and then potato sacking over to the swamp. Clear as day, no murder, it was suicide.

  4. CharmlessMan

    Well, now that she’s free and has no kids…
    Heya, hot stuff.
    Yeah, I’m the best you’re going to do. No one else will come near you.
    You get a chubby, aging nerd and I get a child murderer. We all make sacrifices. Now put on this Wonder Woman costume. Shh sh shhhhhh. I’m your good-enough.

  5. dragonaut

    Keep your laws off of this woman’s body! She was merely exercising her choice as a woman.

    • the lawyer

      You better just be saying this to get dumb replies because if you truly believe that men or women have choices like this then you’re wrong!!

    • ToriLyn

      you’re clearing a fucking psycho if you believe that killing your two yr old kid is acceptable. i would fucking hit your right square in the jaw if i met you.

  6. justuhbill

    That explosion you likely heard around 2:16 EST on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 is reported to have been Nancy Grace’s head upon hearing the Casey Anthony verdict.

  7. justuhbill

    Casey Anthony and Lindsay Lohan are both getting their drank on tonight!

  8. stupidverdict

    this whore, a baby slaughterer gets away with a %$#@ed up reason such as being molested by her father as a child?!?! wtf america.

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