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The New Mother’s Day Skittles Commercial Is Giving People The Willies

Skittles has been vibing on surrealist ads for a while now, everyone needs to cool their jets and grab an ice cold Fresca or something. More »

Bella Thorne: Truck Stop Cruella de Ville and Link Beef Queen

That guy from 90210 is running for Congress because we love politicians who aren’t politicians now,  of course people were dicks about Jimmy Kimmel’s kid, I want the new Blade Runner to be my boyfriend, and more … More »

Noah Cyrus Did a Thing at The MTV Movie Show Award Thing

Is that dancer taking a selfie as part of the routine? This is about as hardcore as the bad guys’ hangout from the live-action Ninja Turtles movie. More »

Christiana Cinn Sprays Sticky Stuff Everywhere

I’ve never been to Vegas, but I imagine every pool party is just like this… a bunch of old guys paying $65 to hang out with strippers and drink Bud Lite Lime. More »

Please Don’t Let Harry Styles Ruin This Movie

Usually the teen-pop idol crossover into acting doesn’t go- wait… did they just crush him with a boat? THEY CRUSHED HIM WITH A BOAT!! More »

Video of A Porn Star Getting Bit By A Shark

This is the most recklessly American thing I’ve ever seen and I’m really conflicted on how I feel about it. More »

Call In Sick: Miley Cyrus Is Reinventing Herself Again

Miley just figured out that someone who performs naked while covered in milk doesn’t get taken seriously by the middle-American audience she needs to buy her album. More »

Alanis Morissette’s Manager Had One Hand In Her Pocket

Now he’s facing a jagged little prison sentence for stealing $7 million… want more Alanis puns? C’mon through, my hands are clean… More »

Martin Shkreli Is Acting Like A Penis Again

Yes, I just called him a penis… He deserves it. More »

Brad Pitt Is Officially An ‘Old Guy’ Now

Somebody get this guy a Fresca. More »

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