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CJ Franco Slips A Nip

It’s not really a slip actually, it’s more of a “this thing is just falling out.” More »

Live Near Vegas? Here’s Where You Can Donate Blood

Over 400 people were injured last night by an asshole with a machine gun in Las Vegas. If you’re in that area, here’s how you can help those who didn’t fucking die. Holy shit, I’m pissed. More »

‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist Fighting an Invisible Bad Guy

These pictures are kind of like a clickable flip book where she uppercuts a CGI bad guy without messing up her hair. It’s very impressive. More »

Emily Ratajkowski Has Very Special Breasts

Instead of objectifying Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts, I like to recognize them as sentient beings that dictate all of her career moves and order her food at restaurants. More »

Kourtney Kardashian Impressed by Boyfriend’s High Score on Flappy Bird

“Younes if you don’t put that phone away you’re not getting any cotton candy at the soccer game later.”

**Younes lets out an ear-piercing shriek and starts crying** More »

Never Forget That Russell Crowe Wrote a Serious Song About the Missionary Position

Russell Crowe is still touring with his oxymoronic band “Indoor Garden Party” and rippin up the progressive dad-rock charts. More »

Good Morning, Here’s Shia LaBeouf’s Penis

So what if Shia LaBeouf is peeing outside? Haven’t you seen his arrest video? The world is this guy’s toilet. More »

Bella Thorne Topless Boob Tape of the Day

Hollywood’s favorite swamp monster strikes again… More »

Ariel Winter Wore This to the Grocery Store and Other News

Hey, if she wants to dress like she’s auditioning for a shitty country music video every time she goes to Trader Joe’s then that’s her prerogative. Let the girl live. More »

Rob Kardashian Says Blac Chyna Tried to Strangle Him With an iPhone Charger

Rob and Kylie are trying to counter Chyna’s revenge porn case with some crazy (but believable) assault claims… More »

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