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Heidi Klum Doing Things Yacht’ta Know About

Heidi Klum in a bikini on a giant yacht in Saint Tropez? No it’s not a Bob Ross/Rick Ross collab painting — It’s The Superficial. More »

Angelina Jolie Cries in The Shower Like The Rest of Us

Hey if someone threatened to drunkenly drive your kids away in a fuel truck, you’d probably cry too… More »

Watch Justin Bieber Hit A Paparazzo With A Money Truck

In a few months I bet this photographer will have his own hedge fund. More »

Sure, We’ll Look at Minka Kelly’s Boobs Now

I know what you’re thinking, “does someone actually pay this guy to post pictures of celebrity milk-sacks all day?” Sadly, the answer is yes… *cracks a fresca* More »

Selena Gomez’ New Music Video Has Some Interesting Allusions

It’s got some bondage imagery, lolita stuff, Gucci Mane in an industrial freezer, and a banquet-sized golden shower sequence… Kids these days, eh! More »

Lady Victoria Hervey Forgot Where She Parked Her Boat

Will somebody please tell Lady Victoria that she arrived in Saint Tropez by plane… More »

Things You Can Do While Justin Bieber Finds God

Who knows how long he’ll be gone for, you guys… I think it’s time to start exploring other hobbies and syrup brands. More »

Lindsay Lohan Playing With Big Balls and Drinking Rosé as The World Burns

Lindsay Lohan is still in Greece doing God’s work trying to come up with a way to make her big comeback. More »

Charlize Theron Will Break Her Own Teeth While Kicking Your Ass

Charlize Theron trained so hard for Atomic Blonde that she cracked a couple teeth and now her dentists are getting all the glory. More »

5th Doctor Peter Davidson Thinks Dr. Who Is Just For Boys, I Guess

I don’t usually support a 66-year-old man looking out for young boys, but this guy is being unfairly taken out of context. More »

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