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Good Morning, Stephanie Stack Bikini Photos, And Other News

DaggerChin and SunsTheVadge are coming to HBO. [Lainey Gossip]

Nicki Minaj isn’t having Kanye’s shit. [Dlisted]

Billie Joe Armstrong knows who Trump TV is for. [TMZ]

Julian Assange is grounded from the internet. [Newser]

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Irina Bright Bikini Photos Are The Crap I Missed

Irina Bright in a bikini is The Crap I Missed. More »

We Aren’t Paying Enough Attention To Bella Thorne’s Sister Kaili

This Kaili Thorne post isn’t me hastily throwing boob at your face so I can split early on a Friday. Why would you even say that? More »

Good Morning, Melissa Lori Bikini Photos, And Other News

Kristen Stewart is dating whatever the fuck a St. Vincent is. [Lainey Gossip]

Shia LaBeouf’s wedding was probably bullshit. [Dlisted]

Now Kendall Jenner has a life-threatening ordeal she went through. [TMZ]

Coolio tried to bring a gun on a plane. [Newser]

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Good Morning, Irina Bright Bikini Photos, And Other News

Angelina Jolie’s team has completely bungled this divorce spin. [Lainey Gossip]

Amber Rose’s skin care secret is flicking the bean. [Dlisted]

Colin Kaepernick and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are beefing. [TMZ]

Do not fuck with bears when they’re fucking. [Newser]

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Cate Chant Bikini Photos Are The Crap I Missed

Cate Chant in a bikini is The Crap I Missed. More »

Good Morning, Rey Robiin Wet T-Shirt Photos, And Other News

Matt and Ben did a live reading of Good Will Hunting. [Lainey Gossip]

Miley Cyrus has thoughts about Supergirl and gender and stuff. [Dlisted]

The Kim K Robbery Costume has already been pulled. [TMZ]

Ronald McDonald is in hiding because of this creepy clown bullshit. [Newser]

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