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Good Morning, Chantelle Connelly Bikini Photos, And Other News

Nobody gives a fuck about New Superman. [Lainey Gossip]

Blake Shelton does not piss in mailboxes “allegedly.” [Dlisted]

God took the wrong Kim Kardashian. [TMZ]

#GamerGate threatens to rape someone in 3.. 2.. [Newser]

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Donnie Wahlberg Wants Jenny McCarthy’s Fingers In His Booty Ass

Donnie Wahlberg and a possibly pregnant Jenny McCarthy just punked Kanye West over #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch, so we have to take the bad with the good on this one. … More »

Kim Kardashian Is Using A Body Double To Film ‘KUWTK’

Kim Kardashian is pulling some shit here. More »

Good Morning, Mariah Carey’s Boobs, And Other News

One of these is Bradley Cooper. Probably. [Lainey Gossip]

Adam LaRoche is a fucking idiot. [Dlisted]

Donald Trump Jr. was sent “white powder?” That’s a drug deal. [TMZ]

Live within 500 miles of North Korea? Time to move. [Newser]

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Tiffany Trump Seems Fun. Also, There’s A Tiffany Trump?

So were you guys going to tell me about Tiffany Trump before or after the election? I thought we were friends. More »

Hey, It’s Scott Disick And His New Girlfriend Kendall Jenner — Wait

Scott Disick’s new girlfriend looks disturbingly familiar. More »

Good Morning, Rachel Hilbert & Devon Windsor, And Other News

This is terrorism. This is a form of terrorism. [Lainey Gossip]

I wonder what Casey Affleck’s back tattoo will be. [Dlisted]

Tyga has a pink grill now. Okay. [TMZ]

Cops suspended for letting Trump rally be a Trump rally. [Newser]

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Predator Britney Is Coming

I don’t like the looks of this. And by this I mean Britney Spears’ face. Specifically her face. More »

Kristin Cavallari’s Breasts Wrote A Book Or Something

This one’s about Kristin Cavallari’s breasts. Don’t expect much more than that. More »

Khloe Kardashian Wants To Poop Out A Baby, DGAF How

Khloe Kardashian wants a pregnancy special, and she wants it now-ish. More »

A Moment For Gwyneth Paltrow’s Freshly Steamed Camel Toe

Gwyneth Paltrow’s camel toe will allow your pedestrian eyes to gaze upon its meticulously humidored rotunda. More »

Taylor Swift Wants You To Look At Taylor Swift In A Bikini

 I think this post has Taylor Swift in a bikini in it. More »

Good Morning, Ava Sambora Bikini Photos, And Other News

WHY?! [Lainey Gossip]

Marlon Brando used to bang James Dean. “Allegedly.” [Dlisted]

Richard Simmons’ maid used black magic on the cops! [TMZ]

Apparently The Fappening went down in our back yard. Neat. [Newser]

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Fish Made Me Wait A Whole Day To Post LeBron James’ Dick

I wanted to show you LeBron James’ penis yesterday, but Fish said no. I don’t know. I don’t know either, but I think he might be sick or something. More »

Bella Thorne & Samantha Bee Are Something For Everybody

A hot, redhead former Disney star who’s not Lindsay Lohan, and Trump supporters looking like giant fucking idiots. You have to like at least one of those things. More »

Courtney Stodden Is Bernie Sanders’ October Surprise, In March

Courtney Stodden feels the Bern. More »

Good Morning, Miss Illya Bikini Photos, And Other News

Tom Hiddleston’s sex scene, anyone? [Lainey Gossip]

The new Xena: Warrior Princess will be lesbian AF. [Dlisted]

Caitlyn Jenner loves Hillary Clinton now. [TMZ]

The Uber app made the Kalamazoo shooter kill all those people. [Newser]

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Kendra Wilkinson Would Let Son See Her Nude Playboy Photos

Kendra Wilkinson might be a little too open with the naked stuff. More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Wants Her To Start Pumping Out Russian Babies

Dina Lohan wants that Russian gold. More »

Good Morning, Charissa Littlejohn Bikini Photos, And Other News

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is in more shit. [Lainey Gossip]

Wendy Williams’ son is dead. He died. [Dlisted]

Madonna really knows how to win a custody battle. [TMZ]

Trump supporters are just fighting ISIS, you guys. [Newser]

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