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John McEnroe Would Probably Beat Shia LaBeouf Up

Shia thinks Jonny Mac is an “artist” in the way he channels his rage, while McEnroe thinks “the kid from Transformers is a punk bitch.” More »

NYFW: Battle of The Bellas

A fashion week trial by stone between Bella Hadid vs. Bella Thorne. Two models enter ― one ridiculously dressed woman leaves… More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Playing Another Smart Guy

The Batch is back as Thomas Edison in the new trailer for “The Current War”… Yes, he talks funny in this one. More »

Rumer Willis Doing Bikini Things and More News

Also Robert De Niro is replacing an island destroyed by Irma with a luxury resort, Kid Rock gives his first campaign speech, and Lady Gaga smokes weed in her grandma’s car… More »

Shailene Woodley Didn’t Have Drugs In Her B-Hole When She Got Arrested… They Checked

Is this what Trump had in mind when he said he wanted to reinstate stop and frisk?

I’m kidding — of course not, he was intentionally appealing to racists. More »

Kim Kardashian Wore Something Impossible To Pee In

I have so many logistical questions about this dress. Is it actually a dress? Are we sure it’s not a giant tuxedo condom she shimmied into? What happens if it gets wet? The list goes on… More »

I Think Scott Disick’s Psych Ward Stay Was A Stunt

Just because Scott Disick drinks vodka tonic until his disick-stick can’t function doesn’t mean he needs to be institutionalized. More »

Amy Lee Summers Obviously Hates the Wintertime

When you have a deep-seeded aversion to wearing any kind of clothes in general, cold weather never works out for you… More »

AAH!! Oh Sorry, It’s Just Courtney Love…

Courtney Love went to a GQ thing last night and pretended to be a swamp monster or something… for fashion. More »

Anybody Wanna Buy That One Wu Tang Album?

Martin Shkreli is selling his $2 million Wu Tang album on eBay… and yes, he’s still a douche, in case you were wondering. More »

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