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This Duggarfucker Got Fired From TLC… Kind Of.

TLC cut ties with him for being a transphobic bigot, but they’re still paying his wife and kids to appear on the show. UGHHH. More »

Playmate Ana Braga Brought Her Boobs Outside

Well that’s one way to not get charged for extra guac at Chipotle. More »

Gal Gadot Gives ‘Wonder Woman’ Ultimatum on Brett Ratner

It’s nice to see someone pulling their dick out and making Ratner sweat for a change. More »

Demi Rose Mawby’s Breasts are Things Louis C.K. Didn’t Jerk Off On

Today’s been pretty intense, let’s just go with someone positive here. More »

NY Times: Louis C.K. Likes to Jerk Off in Front of People

Shit just hit the fan. Everybody put on your poop ponchos. More »

Another Woman Accuses Jeremy Piven of Unwanted Dick-Play

Piven is giving Weinstein’s potted plant ejaculation party a run for its money with this one. More »

Kid From ‘Stranger Things’ Reminds Fully-Grown Adults That They Need to Relax

The fact that 14-year-old Finn Wolfhard had to remind his fandom to back off him and his co-stars should make you feel bad. Way to go, guys… More »

They’re Cutting Kevin Spacey Out of The Jean Paul Getty Movie

The craziest part is that Ridley Scott still thinks this movie is coming out in about a month. More »

Lindsey Pelas Would Never Make It in Amish Country

She’d have a hell of a hard time trying to churn butter in those heels. More »

Paris Hilton Working on a New Album for Next Year

If you thought 2017 sucked, just wait for 2018! More »

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