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Mel Gibson Loves to Fart

Ok, this is just a gallery of the excessive cleavage that was in attendance at the ‘Daddy’s Home 2′ premiere, but let’s be real… who doesn’t love a good fart? More »

Ben Affleck Went on Colbert for Damage Control: It Was ‘Meh’

Sorry, Ben but a couple softball questions and pats on the back from Stephen Colbert aren’t going to fix your image and the horrible CGI in Justice League… maybe next time bring Casey? More »

Good Morning: Adriana Abenia’s Boob Fell Out

Adriana had a hard time keeping one of her rascally pups contained at the GQ Man of the Year awards last night. More »

Kim Kardashian Spits Out a Salty White Liquid

I’ll take “Truthful Yet Misleading Headlines for 500, Alex.” More »

Miranda Kerr Is Pregnant With a Rich Baby

After ditching Orlando Bloom for the CEO of Snapchat, Miranda Kerr just announced she’s pregnant with a tiny little millionaire. More »

Winter Is Upon Us: ‘Jelena’ Has Officially Risen From the Ashes

Kind of like that pesky cold sore that reminds your family that you’re a promiscuous little tramp, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back just in time for Thanksgiving. More »

Senator Al Franken is Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct Now

Republicans who don’t have the balls to call out Roy Moore just got an early Christmas present. Partisan Twitter war erupts in 3…2…1… More »

Charles Manson Is Pretty Much Dead

But how will his band go on without him!? More »

Julianne Hough and Taylor Hoechlin Doing Old Fashioned Bikini Things

I guess Julianne and that guy from 7th Heaven is making like a 1950s version of Baywatch with bodybuilders or something? I don’t know, you can kind of see her snatch if that’s something you’re into. More »

Blake Shelton is Sexiest Man at the Truck Stop at Most

Calling Blake Sheldon the “Sexiest Man Alive” is like giving Guy Fieri a Michelin Star. More »

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