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Here’s A Picture of Serena Williams’ Daughter

Lemmie check real quick… Yep, it’s a baby. A real live baby. More »

Shut Up About Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Posts

People are triggered because Sports Illustrated is posting pictures of bikini models in Barbados. Any decent person knows you’re supposed to burn photos previously taken in a place that was hit by a hurricane… More »

Jeana Turner Doing Bikini Things and More News

Also Patty Jenkins just got PAID, Ted Cruz (or someone on his social staff) really likes MILF porn, and nobody can seem to locate Rob Kardashian’s baby… More »

Sharon Osbourne Gets One Last Jab At Kim K.

Remember when Kim Kardashian tried to say she photoshops her ass in the name of feminism? That still doesn’t float with Sharon Osbourne. More »

Has Anybody Checked in With Jim Carrey?

I think it’s time to start getting a little worried about the colliding tetrahedrons that we identify as “Jim Carrey.” More »

Joanna Krupa Is Saving Tigers With Her Boobs

Sick of hearing about circus animals being tortured? Take a page out of Joanna Krupa’s book and paint your naked body like a tiger to help them out. More »

You Probably Didn’t Watch Miss America Last Night (I Didn’t Either)

How sore do you think these ladies’ faces are from grinding their veneer smiles for 8 hours straight yesterday? More »

Hurricane Kid Rock Brewing In Lake Michigan

With all these hurricanes flying around all willy nilly, let’s not forget the only hurricane that trailer park residents are actually excited for… More »

Who Put Amy Lee Summers On Industrial Equipment?

Let’s be real, there is no way she knows how to operate a sky jack… More »

John McEnroe Would Probably Beat Shia LaBeouf Up

Shia thinks Jonny Mac is an “artist” in the way he channels his rage, while McEnroe thinks “the kid from Transformers is a punk bitch.” More »

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