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Seriously Guys, Lindsay Lohan Wants Everyone To Be Nicer To Trump, Okay!

It’s either Lindsay Lohan or her coke-fueled gremlin twin from Parent Trap at it again! More »

Rob “Blob” Kardashian Is Hands-Down The Dumbest Kardashian

A few hours ago Robblob went on a scathing tirade against the mother of his child and the keeper of many other men’s penises… sounds like the news of her being a ‘slore’ is hitting him like a truck.

*shoves popcorn into mouth* More »

Long Weekend Recap and Some Bikini Things

Natalia Borges and Michael Satsky with a puppy, Rachel McCord dressed like a trailer park boxing ring girl, and more! More »

Madison Beer Dressed Like A Spice Girl and Other News

She might be my favorite “person named after a beverage and the place it’s made” since Destin Fresca. More »

James Cromwell Is Hard AF

Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is going to jail in protest of an evil power plant. What’s the over/under that he comes out with a teardrop face tattoo? More »

I Guess We’re Looking At Melissa Riso’s Boobs Now

I bet you don’t see something like this at your neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings… More »

Bella Hadid Doing Model Things and Other News

Also they completely ignore the circus’s dark underbelly in the new Hugh Jackman movie, Kellyanne Conway still has the worst job on Earth, Rob Lowe is cashing in on reality TV for bonding time with his kids, and MORE superficial news… More »

Amber Rose Is Giving Another Rapper Hip Problems

Amber Rose and rapper 21 Savage have taken their relationship public and I give it about a month before we see him rolling around in a wheelchair after she breaks his pelvis. More »

New Jumanji Trailer Wants To Crap All Over Your Childhood

It’s like they had a generic action movie set in the jungle that couldn’t get off the ground and then slapped a Jumanji franchise tag on it and the execs all cannonballed into a jacuzzi full of cocaine. More »

Scarlett Johansson’s New Boyfriend Has A Testicle Face

You’re looking at the only person on the planet who saw Howie Mandel’s bald head/soul patch combo and said, “you know what… that’s a pretty sweet look.” More »

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