1. Crabby Old Guy

    I have absolutely no idea who this saucy minx is – but I enjoy her showing off her girl bumps.

  2. PG

    meh… too skinny

  3. PG

    too skinny

  4. Richester

    Isn’t she the current banner girl?

  5. ts

    perfect nipples

  6. shankyouverymuch

    Mel needs no excuses- he is a king and he will do what he wants… thank GOD! Because he is a great actor/director and is quite creative, and because he is worth in the neighborhood of a BILLION dollars, he will continue to make movies. Actors and actresses will continue to clamor to work with him and on his movies because they make money- all will be well in the world of Mel.

    PC bullshit is just that, bullshit … Oh don’t speak the truth about Hollywood Jews, that’s antisemitic – Oh don’t speak the truth about beaners, that’s bigoted – Oh don’t speak the truth about butt-pirates that’s homophobic – Oh don’t speak the truth about nigglers, that’s racist… Booo-Hooo-Hooo.

    Wake up people the world is a ruff fucking place, the words Mel blurts out in anger don’t mean a whole lot in the scheme of things. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that because you live in your insular little world in the USA that’s the way it is supposed to be.

    If you think what Mel does or says is so terrible and ugly, take a look at the constant stonings & “honor” killings of women in the mid-east. Or the barbarism in Africa where slavery is condoned and conducted on a daily basis, China, South America … it just goes on and on.

    Mel is just being REAL and telling it like he sees it, like it IS, that’s all. People/the media, should stop being such faint pussies and deal with it! Now go out and rent a good Mel Gibson movie and watch it tonight – You’ll love the entertainment!

    Peace Out My Nigglers!

  7. shankyouverymuch

    That is powerful GOOD!

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