1. Love this woman and that’s one ass i’d probably eat. I’ve fucked skinnier and fatter, this is just right. Lief vir jou~

  2. Cock Dr

    Someone tell Candice it’s ok to put salad dressing on the salad.

  3. I think…that this might be one of those rare asses that look better without heels.

  4. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Is it appropriate to put her ass on a milk carton?

  5. sir

    man, shes awesome. Perfect if u ask me.

  6. I don’t get the appeal. I really don’t and I usually like model-y looking chicks. I suppose if she did runway work it’d work better, but not swimsuit/lingerie work.

  7. Double D

    Charlie Sheen texted her that if her vulva looks like a beat up papaya, she can be one of his goddesses too.

  8. thatoneperson

    Victoria’s Secret is crazy, she’s totally healthy. In fact, I just counted and she’s not missing a single vertebrae!

  9. barkerman

    I find her sexy as hell… yeah, she’s a bit thin, but still hot.

  10. Mary

    Her butt is great and you can tell she works out. Look at her calves!

  11. Hank

    It was about bloody time they draw a line somewhere…!

  12. argleblargle

    This just looks wrong…

  13. Go rough young man

    There’s the hunger strike i was waiting for. Go ahead VS, fire her if you dare…

  14. Go rough young man

    Carry on. I just applied English slang at the beginning of that sentence…

  15. Jesus

    All the curves of a 13 year old, nice.

  16. Sarah

    Her butt cheeks don’t even touch…..that just looks wrong.

  17. dirtyblonde

    I’d cut a bitch to wear skinny like that. When I was a size 0, I looked like shit.

  18. x

    it must be painfull to f+ck her

  19. ultimate too thin, only a burger don’t two jejejeje

  20. Berf

    I bet f^cking her feels like humping a 2 x 4

  21. Yall Is Stupid

    She looks fine!

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