1. FruitLoop

    Look at picture 3, and you tell me seriously that she isn’t WAY too skinny. She looks like a holocaust survivor there. If you look at a side picture of her, her legs are thicker than her mid-section, it just doesn’t look normal at all. Shes pretty, and….interesting….. to look at, but that’s about all.

    With someone with this low body fat you should see every muscle and sinew. You don’t see anything on this chick. She has NO fat and NO muscle at all. She just looks like a artificial person or something.

  2. antoine bugleboy

    She looks like she just won Miss Auschwitz 1945 in this picture.

    [too soon??]

  3. minx

    i saw this on tv and remember thinking that she looks way skinnier than usual. it didn’t help that she wouldn’t stop getting into this pose, which is a universal trick to look skinnier in a photo.

  4. Mary

    Look at her arms, they are like cami diaz arms. She works out. This pic is deceiving because she is in a position that makes her legs look as skinny as possible. Most girls know that pose.

  5. Opps

    At her “model size” she’s a BMI of 16 and right now she’s below that. Sick to encourage women to be like this. We’re human beings.

  6. Aggie

    She’s very, very thin, especially her legs, but she’s not that much thinner than Alessandra.
    I think it’s a joke that VS is talking about dropping her, they probably encouraged her to look like this. But like all big companies a little criticism and negative press terrifies them so they’ll make her the scape goat.

  7. GB

    I would eat her shit, no matter how much she weighed.

  8. Sarah

    I think she looks perfect! I love you candice!popcorn

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