1. whosthat

    they need to lose that whale on the right

    • Drew

      While I wouldn’t go so far to call her a whale… Adriana certainly doesn’t have much shape to her. She needs to lose the bitchy facial expressions as well, they’re boring.

  2. tabacchifc

    maybe too hot!

  3. bernard

    i would like to smell the fart she just pushed out

  4. Woofus

    The one on the left is NOT athletic, WTF are they talking about? Arms of a preying mantis

  5. Felix the Cat

    Candace manages to make both these former goddesses look bad. That’s the name of the game.

  6. HLM

    Her arms seem a little thin, but they definitely have muscle tone. Otherwise, I think she looks great. She completely eclipses that dragon on the right.

  7. iris

    candace has a really big head.
    adriana is gorgeous and that dude that called her a whale should REALLY consider seeing a psychiatrist! I mean.. REALLY?

  8. Matt

    All these bitches are ugly as fuck. The 2 skinny ones are just WAY TO SKINNY. To do the dude said they have muscle tone…um obviously dumb ass! They are skinny as fuck of course you are gonna see tone! Build it up, eat a cheeseburger. I would break those two skinny fucks with one thrust. The one on the right isnt big but Im not digging her “im so seriously hot” facial expressions.

  9. merryberry

    the fact that candice is making adrianna look fat should tell you something about how skinny she is. maybe she only looks “normal” in this photo because she’s next to two women who are very thin in their own right…i think she’d look freakishly thin walking down the street.

  10. Anonymous

    1. Adriana is NOT a whale, she is too skinny but I agree that the “I’m a super hot b****” look is not working out too well 4 her
    2. Candice and Alessandra BOTH WAY TOO SKINNY
    3. merryberry’s comment is correct; I agree with u

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