1. random

    bag of bones.. yum

  2. Mary

    She is thin but amazing. If anyone ever watches the VS show on tv every year, you should know she is not even close to the thinnest girl on the runway. They have chicks on there who have barely hit puberty and not only do they have no chest but they are runway models (meaning as skinny as they come).

  3. Felix the Cat

    Oh the horror… I hate Macy’s shoppers.

  4. blonde

    My husband said she looks great, and then I punched him with my cheeseburger fist.

  5. Randal


    Lay off the french fries and milkshakes. You’re becoming quite obese.


    - Randal

  6. Alby

    I actually think Candice looks great. Even though she looks VERY thin, I’ve never seen such a slender girl with so many curves! You also have to keep in mind that she is a fashion model and runway is a big part of that. Even if runway doesn’t pay well, it is good exposure, and then that’s how girls get noticed and hired for ads, campaigns, and editorials.. which are where the real money is at. So if she can’t fit into sample sizes (2 & 4), then she won’t be able to book shows, and if she can’t book shows, then she won’t get alot of print work, and as a result make very little money.

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