1. Nancy

    Oh dear god she looks worse at this angle! And she’s never had kids!

    • Ann

      I wonder if anyone ever checked her out as far as was she born male or female….100% serious I have always that she looked more like a male…

  2. BangBang

    wtf it s a man’s body

    • totally. my thoughts exactly.

      try scrolling so the screen cuts off her head and what you are left with is a mans body.

      a little frightening.:/

    • kelly

      yes she does have a very athletic body type, making her look manly, i think she should lay off the crunches then shed look more feminen

  3. Jay Jay

    I’m jealous. Abs like that would make me a chick magnet.

  4. markg

    A-Rod squashes gay rumors…

  5. devilsrain

    We got a situation!

  6. maya

    es una verdadera lastima, con lo linda que era, es un torso muy masculino, hasta sus bubbies se acabaron por el nivel bajo de grasa que tiene, ha abusado de la dieta… pero igual sigue siendo talentosa y hermosa…

  7. Frank

    Cameron Diaz is Great and a growing stronger young lady. She is not a Marylene Monroe and will be in your eyes for a long, long time and not burned out but, gosh that tight body. What do you look like if you have ever came out of an ocean walking after waves have blown you away? Some critics would have been washed out and not able get back. GO GIRL!

  8. kelly

    pfff! i wish my bf had a six pack like that dayum !!!

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