1. Dox

    “Yeah, so…look on the bright side kid, you’re not going hungry.”

  2. Preparing for the inevitable sex tape I see

  3. Some pictures leave absolutely, positively no room for misinterpreting what is going on. This is one of those pictures.

  4. “Trust me, it’s how my step daughter got famous”

  5. J

    “See my wife didn’t de-ball me there still right here LOOK AT THEM!”

  6. “And this is how my step-daughter got famous, just stand still and I will make you famous too”

  7. Deacon Jones

    “mmm, yeahhh,,,,these white socks with black shoes turn you on baby?”
    (takes out flaccid penis)

  8. whatever

    What the h’ll???

  9. KC

    And the last event, The Pole Vault!

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