1. Monsignor Nelson

    “Hey guys, if you could rough up that dick with the camera there might be a couple of BJs in it for you”.
    ” Go on.”

  2. “You do know ma’am, prostitution is illegal in this state and just sad at your age .”

  3. Hugh Jazz

    “What’s the complaint, ma’am?”
    “Sorry, sir?”
    “That guy with the camera.”
    “…what about him?”
    “He’s stealing my soul.”
    “Well, figuratively.”

  4. Taylor Swift

    ♪ Everything will be alright
    ♪ if we just keep dancing like
    ♪ we’re in car 22. ♫

  5. Hard to believe he won an Olympic Decathlon on those god-awful legs.

  6. thecrazybetty

    what a trip.

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