1. ruckus


  2. It appears the hips are genetic from both sides…

  3. This is a preview of what Bruce Jenner’s new nose is going to look like.

  4. Jentilly

    Geez she looks pissed!

  5. He looks like Billie Jean King. What happened to the handsome Olympian? Oh yeah…crazy wives.

  6. Gingerpants

    What does this pic from the LPGA have to do with Bruce Jenner?

  7. Al

    He looks surprisingly angry for someone whose face looks like it was blasted by Mr. Freeze

  8. Freebie

    Should be nicer to the paps. They are your bread and butter.

  9. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Smells like Khloe.

  10. Billie Jean is NOT my lover…..
    Thank goodness Bruce Jenner isn’t either.((((SHUDDER))))
    What happened to aging gracefully?
    Looks like the “Crypt Keeper’s” brother. :o

  11. AtomicMug

    “Kris doesn’t have genitals! She has a cloaca, and it smells like THIS!”

  12. angerinside

    Yeah.. grandma got pretty cunty when “the Change” started and her hormones went nuts.

  13. You’re not mad at us. We’re not the ones responsible for everything you chose to do after the Wheaties box.

  14. NorthSouthEastWest

    Bruce should have dumped that witch long ago. But she’ll make it so hard on him he’ll probably never be completely free of her. Was that finger for the paps or Kris? lol

  15. Binkee

    He is such a mummy. That face…….

  16. Schadenfreude

    Is Scott Disik taking the picture?

  17. thecrazybetty

    nice wig.

  18. Vita

    Old fat lesbians are funny…

  19. Glassy

    On the last episode Bruce was so rude. What is it with rich people, he didn’t offer the UFO guys anything to eat, how rude! Or his friend when he was cooking breakfast. What’s wrong with those people?

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