1. Double D

    Cameron Diaz takes steroids?

  2. ktulu

    That is not a good body

  3. NYC I Banker

    she looks good … except for the goofy grin …

  4. fufu

    Giant meaty clit.

  5. lindsi

    dammit.,.thats my bathing suit…and its freakin sweet comic book themed…i kinda feel like i have to burn it now… but it was a great deal at Target so I’ll just burn the image of her in it…that works

  6. Marc

    A bet Adam Carolla would fuck this guy.

  7. dcar205

    She is so freaking yesterday in her Daisy Duke shorts. I have
    problems with my own mother (don’t we all) but I feel sad for
    her kids. Do ya want to your Mom trying to be 22?? Leather
    skin trying to compete with her own daughter. Why do these
    people have kids??

  8. Que

    Que yes, yes I would have sex with Hulk Hogan.

  9. Nglbaby

    Looks man-like…..

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