1. Vic

    looks cute

  2. jose

    dam shes definetely been watching her diet. Lookin fn great Brooke. If only your dad didnt completely dictate your image and waste of a goddess conservativeness. You could EASILY be the most googled chick on the net. Kim K? You could be THE QUEEN of hotness if you could just loosin up that inner sexy and let some of that scorching 100% natural bod make the male world drool. Great work on the package. But thats a goin-thru-the-mtions bikini shot. As hot as it is, whats so bad about handing out some wood lol. Bralessness would drive the world nuts. no one wiith hot tits is goin premeditatedly braless anymore. I miss Britney.

  3. jose

    Where’s a sextape?? Its been forever since somethin special to suface, i spent $30 to check out Kendras tape, which wasnt bad ;)

  4. Ned

    She looks pretty good to me. I’d eat a banana smoothie out of her bung hole.

  5. K

    Just love putting my hand in my boxershorts, to stroke and pull my hard one for brooke’s bikini pic’s lol

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