1. DogBoy

    Almost do-able, if you squint at the thumbnail sized images,
    AND ain’t been laid in a while….. Almost.

  2. Valerie

    Minus the face, she looks great, better than ever actually. Not every woman is petite, some are more like Amazons but that’s aiight.

  3. squirtdrinker

    C’mon Brooke, one more quarter turn, lemme see that great asshole of yours…I need a girl that gives a little back, I am sick of these skinny little spinners…when Brooke pushes back against you YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE GETTING FUCKED. What a body, there is not one dude that has seen her on here that would not fuck her if offered. Probably some bi-chicks that would do her too. I’d suck the cock of the guy that fucked her last for sure.

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