1. Like a G-6

    is this chick for real? funny she/man jokes aside. this chick totally takes herself seriously as if she has no idea that she looks laughable. poor dip shit. i feel sorry for her only because i used to like her dad but even he is losin it -and the brother drama, ugh! these folks need to go crawl back under that rock and let pops be the public figure. y’all ruined what ever reputation or credibility he may have ever had. ick.

  2. WTF bruh

    She dont look that bad besides the fact she got Hulk Hogan’s deltoids and quadriceps. I’d smash it after 3.25 shots of Patron.

  3. therapper

    I ‘d fuck the stuffing out of her…or at least try.

    So many fucktards here say they hate her, they wouldn’t fuck her blah blah blah, when in FACT, most of them would fall over themselves if a chick like this offered them a piece of ass.

  4. Nick Hogan

    I’d bang her brains out till she look’d like my boy John….

  5. soahc

    Now that’s a woman (body wise at least…WTF she got some work done to that face…dumb bitch).

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