1. Juliana

    I’m not going to say anything about the A… I’m just going to point out this: he is way too fat and old to be with her…

  2. bocon

    are you crazy? .. he is way to cute to be with her ,,, she is f-ing ugly

  3. burton

    she looks like she is 12, so maybe he is liek a closet pedo?

  4. CARLO

    I’d shave an A in my hair to stab that ittle veal.

    It would be like a scarlet letter you’d be proud to wear. I know she’s not that cool and kinda annoying but still she’s pretty damn hot and the feeling of conquering a self proclaimed bitch like her would be well worth it.

    That said, we need more effort to get this girl naked!!! Brody, take a lesson from Paris boyfriend and get us “a night in Avril’s ass” I’m in for presale!!!!

  5. Crappy Anonymous Name

    That’s just f*ed up.

  6. hateyoufornoreason

    Fat-fat and skinny-fat. Gross combo.

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