1. IdDoThat

    THAT… Ladies & Gentlemen… Is 100% All Woman! Maybe a little Botox here & there… maybe a little silicone, but WOW what a woman!

    • RubberBandMan

      Very nice indeed

    • Read again what you said. In 10 years the Japanese will rule the electronics industry with Fembots that look exactly like this women.The water in 138 is more likely to more natural than her.

      • IdDoThat

        True, my good friend. But you STILL have to admit… that IS VERY MUCH eye candy and YOU can NOT say you wouldn’t DO that. Unless, of course, you’re gay. In which case I have to say, “I understand… she has nothing to offer you. Which is just fine with the rest of us because that, alone, increases the chance WE just “MAYBE” might have a chance to get with her. I know… as low as the odds are… there is STILL THAT slight increase in odds in our favor.” Thank you for posting & have a great day!

  2. cc

    She’s so fake. I’d never touch a woman like that.


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