1. Remember that MTV performance a few years back when Brit Brit came out practically naked with a big snake?
    Close your eyes and think of that.
    Now click onto something else. Because it’s all over. This failed pop tart doesn’t have the discipline or the hustle. She just doesn’t care.

  2. Wow

    Cut this woman some slack she offered you perv the best years of her life, dancing and wearing slutty clothes at 17 !!!

    she s not going to do that forever.. Besides, she s got the right to roll out of bed and get outside, who the f*ck do you think you are ?? Judges, God ??? F*ck you all ! you re all fat ugly scum feeding on celebrity gossips to live ! … What if britney is bald, fat and had a terrible hair ? So fucking what?? !!!! Who caaaaaaaaaaaaares ??? She doesn t ! Why should we ?? Lol, we re not even fans of her career ! most are fans of her decay ! Wich is… Pathetic…. coz depression can happen to EVERYBODY !!!!!!! Remember EVERYBODY !!!!!!

  3. JK

    Face, where is the faceeee!

    By all means this pick may not even be her :D

  4. That hair is surely a result of her real hair being 3″ long and her extensions have turned her hair into a rat’s nest. How sad.

  5. Wiley

    What the hell is that thing snaking it’s way out of her belly button and down into her cooch? Is she wearing maternity pants?

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