1. kristina

    I have never seen anything so disturbing in my life. How did someone let her go out in public looking like that. Its unbelievable.

  2. PrincessPooface

    I’m a hairdresser and I STILL can’t figure out what’s happening on that woman’s head… Or in it, for that matter.

    • Lady Moppet

      Just looks like a cheap, bad weave to me and the hair on top was supposed to be layered over that spot where her natural hair is probably thin. Looks like some of her weave came out and she didn’t bother hiding it.

      • Miskita

        Lol, a VERY VERY VERY cheap HORRIBLE fusion job!!! Geez, you would think someone with this kind of money could afford some quality extensions!!

        :o !!

    • missylafay

      How can you be a hair dresser and not know whats going on here?Its pretty obvious that she leaves her extensions in a lot longer than the recommended time therefor her hair begins to dread an mat up.A few pieces were pulled/fell out so thats where the “bald spot” comes from.
      Most celebrities hair is like this underneath their extensions,people think celebs have the best hair and what not when really its extremely damaged,matted,short,balding ect.,its such an illusion.

  3. Devo

    Time to shave it all off again.

  4. Pretty

    It honestly looks like she’s starting to bald. o.O

  5. bleachblonde

    I think she is just getting her roots bleached out… I know hair bleach turns blue, so it is probably a tint.

  6. JK

    Face, where is the faceeee!

    By all means this pick may not even be her :D

  7. Lindsey

    Poor thing :(

  8. burton

    i would just shave it all off and start over without messing with it ever again, so what if it looks like crap for a while, DONT TOUCH IT ANYMORE!

  9. Expert on Everything

    this is disturbing. i cant stop looking at it. and the belly button. this chick is just one extreme to another. she can be so cute and normal (**seeming***) and then this. Ick!

  10. Stelz

    that bitch will never recover

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