1. qwerty

    this is a side effect of anti-depressant drugs

    • prettypantz

      LOL, no it isn’t, you idiot.
      This is a side effect of repeatedly having crappy extensions glued/fused into your ratty hair and not bothering to cover it up b/c you’re too lazy/insane and you clearly don’t have anyone around you who cares enough to honestly advise you that you awful.

  2. Pixie

    This girl needs to get rid of her extensions and get a hairpiece. Those extensions are giving her some major traction alopecia.

  3. poor brit! :( still love her though!

  4. est

    There’s no evidence that it’s her. Could be some other pudgy blonde woman Mr Superficial Writer saw and decided to pass her off as Brit in order to gain more readership. COULD be.

  5. butterboo

    Why is it so damn hard for her to grow out her hair?

    Was it destroyed by bleaching? Did she have another shave crave?

    She has millions of dollars. Extensions look like crap. If that’s what the best of Hollywood can do then forget it.

    Just wear a wig. 20 bucks, off the rack, would look better.

    Her hair looks like linguini hanging from dead straw. Mmm.

  6. the back of her hair looks like her scalp was opened for brain surgery and the doctor gave up halfway.

    her belly on the other hand, its not fair break her balls for that. she’s had children and say earned the right. she’ll never look 20 again. but ya she could use a stylist big time.

    • eagle_eyed

      she looks like she is 40 something, with twelve children, and not aging well at all.
      For a person with her possibilities she looks like shit, it’s insulting that somebody still actually pay her to model.
      Find a real job, fugly fatass!

  7. JK

    Face, where is the faceeee!

    By all means this pick may not even be her :D

  8. m&m

    Seriously, girl needs to pat that weave, and get a new bra, no more saggy cleave…

  9. paul.


    The only pudgy blonde in Hollywood is Britney Spears.

  10. I don’t think this is recent. This is what she looked like about a month and a half after the shave thing and they couldn’t hide the extensions. She is much more fit these days as well.

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