1. You can see it in her eyes. She’s a tired girl. Wouldn’t it be great for her to accept Christ, begin to live life as a true Christian. What could be possible then? Now that would be awesome.

  2. How many more years until her children can be her legal guardians?

    • crb

      Seeing as how common it is for people in The South, through the miracle of inbreeding, to technically be their own mee-maws,..

      Not long.

  3. MilwaukeeJoe

    Is the point of this that she’s supposed to look bad? Because, uh, she doesn’t. At all. Maybe she’s crazy, but she’s still hot.

    • fap

      …just not Hollywood hot. People there get paid to be attractive, so if they slip we get to pick on them.

    • Skeeter

      Agree. She’s not as hot as she once was but I’d still be happy to eat her asshole and bang her as often as possible.

  4. crb

    … and that was the day Bertney finally realized the truth of those horrors Nietzsche describes about The Abys-,

    -Nope; just Furnch Frahs, turns out…

    Oh, well.

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