1. nothing says class like tattoos on your crotch

  2. jen

    um….so this looks like borat in a banana hammock from the waste down.

  3. don

    WTF there’s a missing part on her hips. too much photoshop

  4. Definitely smuggling sausage. Or a Sausage McBiscuit.

  5. Groin tattoos. They never look good.

  6. Chris

    I’d hit it

  7. skarlet

    hahahahaha@ her hip. There’s a full inch of missing thigh there, jeez what a crap editor.

  8. i am frank

    she will never be attractive again.

  9. Renee

    She looks like Khloe Kardasian here, aka Wilderbeast.

  10. shemponymous

    why hasn’t anyone commented on the weirdddddd goddamned stretched neck in pic #2? It looks like her head is trying to detach from her body…

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