1. cagster

    The power of a hairbrush, makeup, spanx and fake tan is never more apparent than on this lady here.

  2. Yep

    did anyone ever find out what happened to these breasts? Seriously, I need answers.

  3. Such a sad display. What difference 10 years makes. Two of the women we used to fap to 10 years ago have gone to shit. Luckily there’s always a new crop of women to keep the spanking going.

  4. mrsmass

    does she even own a mirror?

  5. snarl

    that’s just unfortunate.

  6. mulva

    Good god, what the fuck is going on with her boobs in this picture?

  7. Jentilly

    Are they in mid bounce or something?? In the other shots they look somewhat normal. She needs to invest in some decent bras, clothes, makeup, hair stylist…..

  8. Her downward pointing nipples want to sneak out under her bra.

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