1. Crystal

    Get over it, she is probably wearing a thong!!! WHY?? I don’t understand! I cannot imagine that they are that comfortable!!

  2. trillian

    C’mon, if you took a pic of me from that angle you wouldn’t see my underwear either.

  3. joe blow

    I just sprayed man paste all over my display.

  4. J.R.

    Yep, thong. You’re theory holds no water, my friend.

  5. Truthteller

    Are you so desperate for hits on this page that you’ll tell bold-faced lies?!?

    This isn’t the first time you’ve pulled this shit, either, maybe we should have someone follow YOU around and see how unperfsct YOU are, asshole!

    • Truthteller

      I know, the word’s spelled and pronounced in perfect, look at your keyboards and you’ll understand the typo.

      Figured I’d better say it before one of you anal bastards chimed in…

  6. anat

    she’s still not healthy..
    and even if it’s a thong, she let us
    see to much!!

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