1. Hung Dong

    She definitely has some sexy legs

  2. burton

    sexy legs, uhuh…
    too short and stubby, nothing sexy about cabbage patch legs,show me some long legs please, this is a turn off.

  3. chuck d

    AAHHHH Why do I click on anything Britney? It’s like a train wreak you can’t turn away
    Gross, what white trash

  4. Juliana

    I’m not defending Britney, but maybe she’s got a really tiny g-string on?

  5. Juliana

    Oh! And by the way… That is a long shirt, not a dress!!!!!

  6. Ashley

    You guys must be supermodels or gay, cause her legs and ass are FINE. Picture no. 10, her legs are gorgeous.

    You’re fags.

  7. RoniMikey

    You people are stupid. Her legs clean up to her ass are fine.

  8. mike

    Her ass is sagging already and she’s still young……she is going to look like shit in a few years.

  9. Roger Me More

    Personally, I like seeing her vag, I do think she needs to put down the milkshake, however. BRITNEY YOU ARE MADE OF MILKSHAKES AND LATTES. PUT THEM DOWN.

  10. Funny

    BS is so makes a way better whore than a singer. At least she has something to fall back on (or many things to fall back on.)

  11. Funny

    I think she’s just looking for K Fed’s attention again…

  12. Tyler

    I dont know what you guys are talking about. i would bang britney from all posistions. and shes so hot, just look at her ASS!!! its so big. i would definately get that so hard and fast it claps every time i pound it. Britney if you read this i want you to know that you make me so hard and i love you so much. your body is fine and dont stop what you do. gimmie a call some day. or give me your number.

  13. DancerForMoney

    It must suck knowing that your hottest days were before age 20.

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