1. The fuck is up with her armpit?

  2. With Britney as our leader the crazy trains will run on time.

  3. this gal is alright by me. She actually got sick of all the Hollywood trickery so she yanked those fun bags out, shaved off the hair extensions and gave a big f you to everyone. She tried to find simple, romantic happiness with a common stooge. She tried to live a more authentic life. She knew she was sold by her own parents, sexualized at 16 and used by many for a buck. Wouldn’t that give you a break-down? She was fighting her way out by whatever method. All this reflects the workings of a much healthier mind than the majority of hollywood. She is also far more talented than all the pop stars put together. So Bertny, you have my support. You go girl with your crazy self.

  4. This probably isn’t the best way to greet the old soldiers on Veteran’s Day.

  5. Lulu

    Britney es hermosa, siempre ponen las peores fotos

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