1. JWRL

    first! nice nips btw

  2. Oldnslo

    as a matter of fact, I would like a piece of her.

  3. Chris

    she looks hot in a trashy sluty kinda way

  4. Cardinal Fang

    Pointy down nips. Motherhood. Good tits need nipples straight out or higher.

  5. get-high

    Oh Brit……when will u hire a fuckin’ stylist??? And please….cut those ugly extension, and get a short hair cut….u will probably look more sexy with a short hair-do.

  6. Burt

    It seems she’s drinking a sugary drink in every other time she’s followed by the paparazzi… Do they get more money for those shots?

  7. maria

    i love britney spears
    she is the best!!!
    lady gaga has nothing on her

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